8 Oct

Why content is so important

According to a recent study by Vocus Inc. and author Brian Solis, fifty percent of people consider that creating, posting, and sharing compelling content is the single most important action a person or brand can take to most increase their influence online. Compelling content was considered more important than authenticity, the use of few in-depth conversations, contributing as many conversations as possible, connecting with famous or influential people, and being famous online. That means that, even if you are a famed celebrity or if you represent a well-known company or brand, you still need to offer good content to maintain a significant presence online.

If you want your customers to return to your site, and if you want to build a strong business relationship with them, create content they find relevant. You can offer newsletters, white papers, industry articles, graphics, videos, news, podcasts, webinars, or even product trials. These are all great ways to deliver content to your customers and keep them happy. Regularly offer new content about your products, services, company, and industry, and your relationships with your customers will be long and profitable.

Wouldn’t you keep coming back to a website that gives you the information you are looking for?